Still, I Rise

It was more than five years ago when at first I decided to create a blog. I thought I would share some of the many lessons I’ve learned about relationships, family, marriage, business, writing and publishing, and of course, six decades of life experiences in between. Years have passed since that noble idea, and I continue to learn more about myself through relationships here and gone, failed business ventures, and too many successes to share in one post.

My life has been full. I have cried over losses, rejoiced in victory, and reflected gratefully on the many creature comforts afforded me. But, still, I rise. I awaken to a morning filled with the possibilities of a future known only to me and the light that guides me. I see in each sunrise a chance to recreate; in each sunset, a day well-written. Despite challenges and happenstance, I am the dawn, lifted above the horizon wondrously made, sometimes in black and white, other times colorized.  But still, I rise.

Let’s ascend together.

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