Do what makes your heart sing

woman-591576_1920I am a reader who devours thousands of words per day in one or more of my favorite genres: memoir, spirituality, and the business of writing. Frequently, my incessant hunger for information or entertainment leads me to something so revelatory that my attention diverts, leading me yet again to an entirely new area of interest. It is then I realize I am following an inner rhythm that defies logic: responding to my spirit’s longing to do what makes my heart sing; listening to the still, small voice within that says, “follow me, I know the way.” So, destination unknown, I tag along like a curious child excited to find a hidden treasure, only to uncover the rarest of gifts: JOY.

What makes you jump for joy?

What causes those awe-inspired moments that feel golden, like you are where you should be, passionately doing exactly what your soul cries out for you to do? Are you living in a way that screams, “Yes!” Are you showing up for you?

Creativity demands authenticity. Inspiration abounds when you do the things that make you smile.

Recall a personal achievement. What were you doing? How did you feel? I remember my fifth-grade teacher telling her students that book reports counted as extra credit. I read so many books and turned in so many essays that the teacher eventually asked my mother to tell me to stop. How could I, a shy ten-year-old introvert, know then that fifty years later I would monetize my love of reading and writing? Unbeknownst to me, an incessant tug at my heart string remained forever present and kept me close to what I love most—WORDS—and my soul screams “YES!”

What makes your soul scream “YES!”

Books have always been loving friends to me. I find irresistible the feel and smell of an old book, dog-eared and tired, matriarchal in its wisdom, reassuring in its presence. I live vicariously through thoughtfully crafted characters. I devour memoirs and biographies. I travel to distant lands and bygone eras through a writer’s evocative imagery. Good writing elicits an emotional response that lingers: we laugh out loud, cry uncontrollably, commiserate, reflect. I am at peace surrounded by books.

What makes you fully present? Have you yet discovered your life’s work? What makes you jump for joy? No matter the task, if you do not fully show up, as in life, you remain on the sidelines, unseen and unheard. Be about whatever gives you goosebumps. You know that feeling. Find it. Live it.

The going may not always be easy, but it should never be hard. There may be obstacles along the way, but you will be extraordinarily prepared to meet challenges because when you are inspired, problem-solving becomes intuitive.

You have heard the saying: “When you love your work, it feels like play.”  Every day, reflect on what tugs at your heartstrings. Listen closely. Sing along. Your spirit longs to play in life’s symphony. Release her today.

4 thoughts on “Do what makes your heart sing

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Follow your heart string no matter where it leads. Where it leads is where you need to be! Love this post. “Listen closely. Sing along.”

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