How Important is your Dream?

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A recent Medium subject line asked: “What is the most important piece you’ll ever write?”

So, to kick off our PUBLISHING 101 series, I could not think of a better question to ask you to think about.

Few things are absolute; there are no “right” answers. In fact, the article was talking about query letters and blurbs. While the submission process is vitally important, in my professional opinion, the most important piece you will ever write is the piece you BEGIN.

I share my thoughts as a publisher who has, over the past five years, read hundreds of poems, articles, essays, blogs, and manuscripts. I could not have read the works of those writers if, in fact, they had never started.

That same question applies to any creative endeavor. Once you conceive an idea, you must act on it before anything else can happen.

Tell me, are there ideas you abandon because you think it is impossible or difficult at best to complete? Do you habitually talk yourself out of doing things because you allow myriad excuses to keep you from a jumping-off point? How about those New Year’s Resolutions you made on January 1st that never got underway?

Are there storylines and characters, or visions of sugarplums dancing in your head?

Everything has a starting point. There are no endings without beginnings. There can be no progress, no matter the momentum unless you take a leap of faith and BEGIN.

What is holding you back? Trust a loving universe to support you. The very act of beginning sets in motion an abundance of help that will allow you to see your idea to fruition. You might be surprised who appears on your path.

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